"We Gain Partnering Together"          

Global Alliance Interfaith Networks, LLC

Missions:  HOPE For All Peoples – All Nations

Dear Friends of Missions:

This letter is to thank you and ask for your continued support for our work in the Philippines and Global Missions.  We believe partnership is essential to achieve consistent goals to carry out Missions community to community; nation to nation; and country to country.  We work together to improve the physical, mental and spiritual quality of lives of the diverse indigenous nations of peoples globally.  Thank God for His goodness and mercy.

Bishop Carroll A. Baltimore, Sr. and his Missions Team will embark upon the fall Mission Crusade to the Philippines on October 30, 2017.  We are asking for your prayers and donations to do the work on the mission field, and to bring hope and change in the hearts of many families. 
To help with our planning process, we are asking to receive your donations by October 8, 2017.  Please help with your financial donation to be utilized directly for peoples on the mission field.
Mail support to:  C.A.B. Outreach International Ministries, PO Box 11538 Alexandria VA 22312

Electronic:  https://www.globalallianceinterfaithnetworks.org/donations.html

For over 30 years in the Philippines, with your partnership, we are building capacities, sustaining the quality of lives of families and touching hearts.  The C.A.B. Team and local leaders work together for church planting, pastoral teaching, evangelism, building schools and more.  Together we bring hope to poor people in remote, mountainous, tribal and indigent communities throughout the Philippines. Most of our Missions work is located in difficult areas of the country.

This year, the C.A.B. Missions Team has continued to work expanding missions for the education of children and Pastors and planting churches and schools.  This October, volunteers will go to visit, teach and encourage churches and Pastors in remote locations; set the ground work for organizing two additional churches and additional elementary schools, where there are none; conduct outreach and evangelism efforts for the communities; start plans for eldercare programs; and expand medical opportunities. C.A.B. Educational Programs will extend to accredit three theological higher educational institutions, partnering with the Southern Philippines Theological Seminary (Accredited).

The C.A.B. Missions Model brings hope throughout the globe for many peoples in many countries, such as Africa, Asia, South America, Columbia, Canada, Cuba, Germany, United Kingdom, Caribbean, Haiti, St. Kitts, South Korea, Jamaica and more.  We work with our partners to go where the needs are assessed, strategic plans are developed, monthly progress reports reviewed and follow up plans are implemented annually.  With our Partners, our vision and goals continue building the quality of lives globally.

  1. Leading teams of ministers, professionals, adult/youth missionary volunteers to the mission field to minister and be ministered too first hand.We take the time to learn the local peoples’ cultures, to effectively minister to their needs.We believe in hands on ministries.
  2. Providing medical assistance, food, nutrition, clothes and supplies for the poor and destitute.
  3. Teaching local workers to evangelize, organize and plant churches in developing communities.
  4. Providing transportation for outreach, planting and organizing in remote and tribal areas.
  5. Sponsoring financial assistance for Pastors that we train to serve in our churches.Organizing and teaching church and school administration; and providing local work programs.
  6. Continuing to provide pre-school to higher education for disenfranchised students and adults; providing eldercare educational awareness and care; and sponsoring orphanages in need.
  7. Building multipurpose buildings; re-building and renovating churches, homes, schools/satellite facilities; and providing disaster relief and recovery due to the effects of typhoons, hurricanes and other natural disasters…and more.

In the Philippines, fourth (4th) generations of Filipinos are working in the C.A.B. Ministries to continue the mission work for generations to come.  C.A.B. teams of workers are visible in the communities to help others, despite the fact that they are affected by the same problems.

Please send your donations today; and no later than October 8, 2017.  We appreciate Faith Partners, Friends of Missions and C.A.B. Volunteers that believe and trust that God will continue to bless those who have less than we do.  We ask that you lift up Bishop Carroll A. Baltimore in prayer, as this will be the 91st Missions trip that he has provided leadership.  God is Good!  We appreciate your support.  Thank God for his goodness and mercy towards us.
Electronic Donation: 
Mail support to:  C.A.B. Outreach International Ministries, P.O. Box 11538, Alexandria, VA 22312

God Bless you and your family,

Tawanna Baltimore-Evans
Missions Coordinator
you.g.a.i.n.2@gmail.com (email)

Matthew 28: 19-20:  "19) Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  20) Teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen.