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Bishop Baltimore is the President and CEO of Global Alliance Interfaith Networks, LLC, (G.A.I.N.). As CEO, Bishop Baltimore provides leadership organizing, collaborating and networking with leaders of faith-based, civic, public and government organizations to strategize, plan and take action on common issues and concerns at the local, national and international levels. Bishop Baltimore’s work with grassroots and leaders across denominational and cultural orientations address global concerns involving missions, global eco-justice, environmental, education, health, socio-economics, human rights and sexual orientation, human trafficking, and missional issues affecting the indigenous communities.  Bishop Baltimore’s passion for the well-being of others and moral imperatives have earned him respect and credibility domestically and internationally. 

Bishop Baltimore is the Senior Pastor of the International Community Baptist Churches, USA and Philippines.  He served as the 19th President of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc., leading more than 2.5 million Christian members worldwide.  This convention served as the denominational platform of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders. Bishop Baltimore has conducted over 80 mission crusades, including six continents and planted over 30 churches in Africa, Philippines, India, South Korea and Jamaica.  He is the visionary of C.A.B. Outreach Ministries International Missions and has spent over 30 years building capacity and sustainable development in underserved communities.  As a visionary and leader, he has established educational opportunities for underprivileged children through The Carroll A. Baltimore Christian Academy that serves as an important role in a region of the world where access to education is not a right nor is it free.  He has other ministries credited to his leadership that can be found on this website.

To reach G.A.I.N., contact Bishop Baltimore at:

Bishop Carroll A. Baltimore
Global Alliance Interfaith Networks, LLC
110 Maryland Ave., N.E., Suite #203
Washington, D.C. 20002

Phone: 571-331-3874

Email: cab4souls@aol.com

You will gain when partnering with G.A.I.N. to help solve relevant issues facing us now and in the future.  

Global Alliance interfaith Networks, Llc

" We Gain Partnering Together"

Bishop Carroll A. Baltimore,  Th.D., D.Min., President/CEO